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Effects Of Plastic Bags On The Environment

Effects Of Plastic Bags On The Environment

Without a doubt, plastic bags are one of the biggest problems that we are facing now. Even though it is useful in many ways, it causes a lot of harm to the environment ultimately affecting the human race. We all know that is a nondegradable material that does not decompose easily.

Plastic bags are one of those things that we use in our everyday lives. It has become very common that it is very difficult to eliminate them completely. We have been using them for decades. It is high time that we switch to eco-friendly materials. In this article, we will see some of the effects of plastic bags.

Polluting water

Polluting the water bodies

Plastic bags are polluting the water bodies in a very bad way. According to the research these plastic bags are responsible for the death of thousands of sea creatures every year. We all know that we at the verge of completely losing fresh water. If plastic bags are dumped in the water bodies, then even the freshwater bodies will be polluted, and ultimately we will be consuming these polluted waters.

Land pollution

Plastic and plastic bags are undoubtedly the biggest contributors to land pollution. Everyone must have seen these landfills that we have made because of dumping plastics. These plastic bags do not decompose, and it also prevents the penetration of water into the ground. This affects groundwater levels. It is one of the main reasons why there is a drastic decrease in groundwater levels. A single plastic bag needs nearly four hundred years to degrade. Just imagine how much time it would take for all the plastic bags in the world to degrade.

Effects on animal

Effects on animals

Animals are affected by these plastic bags in a huge way. You might have seen that animals eat plastic bags that are put on the roads. This can affect them in a very bad way. There are also possibilities that it might get stuck in the throat and chock them to death. This is the very reason why most of the zoos people are not allowed to take plastic bags with them. It is a very unpleasant thing that when humans are doing all the unwanted things and animals are being affected by it. So it is better to keep these animals away from plastic bags to avoid future more damage.

Negative effects on plants

Plants are also affected by plastic bags in a very bad way. These plastic bags when they are buried in the ground prevent the water from reaching the roots of the plants. We all know that plants need water for survival. If these plastic bags become a hurdle for the water reaching the roots of the plants, it becomes tough for the plants to survive. There are possibilities that the plastic bags might also contaminate the water which will have a very bad effect on the plants.