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What Is Climate Change And How Does It Affect Us

What Is Climate Change And How Does It Affect Us

Climate is definitely the biggest challenge that the entire human race is fighting in the present situation. It is very much evident that things are what they used to be a few decades ago when it comes to climate. The average heat has gone up, and we are suffering on a daily basis.

Even though many people know that it is a huge issue, they do not have much knowledge about it. There are facts and as well as myths. Hence it is mandatory for everyone to know about climate change. In this article, we will see about climate change in detail.

Causes of climate change

One of the main reasons for climate change is global warming. Global warming is a phenomenon that s caused by the greenhouse effect. It is a process through which the Earth retains some of the sun’s heat and keeps it in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is very necessary because if not for the greenhouse effect the average temperature of the Earth would be negative eighteen degrees. The issue is that human activities have led to an increase in the greenhouse effect that has led to a drastic increase in the average heat.


When did it start?

The common statement that the experts have given is that it all started during the Industrial Revolution. It is because of the industries that there is a massive increase in the emission of greenhouse gases. Even though the industrial revolution contributed a lot to the economic development of various countries, it also had its other side to it which many did not notice. The main effect of the industrial revolution was contributing to the increase in the average global temperature.

Consequences of climate change

It is a basic thing that we all know that an increase in the temperature of the earth is causing a lot of problems. But there is a lot that is about to come if we continue doing things. The first and most important consequence is the melting of ice in the polar region. If the ice starts melting the sea levels will increase. Increase in the sea levels will result in various natural calamities like the tsunami. The life in the polar region will also be affected it which will cause the extinction of many species. Ultimately life on Earth will be impossible.


How to avoid climate change?

It is a bitter fact that we need to accept that humans have done a lot to affect the planet. It is a really difficult task to turn things around, and it is not a process that can happen overnight. A lot of efforts need to be put to make a considerable change. Make it a appoint to be eco-friendly in everything that you do. Use water properly and do not waste it. Use the energy produced from nature-friendly methods like solar energy, hydro energy, and wind energy.